Investing Turkey

Benefits of Turkey Second Citizenship Program & Turkish Passport at a glance:

-Turkish citizenship granted to all family members following submission of the documents and quick background check

-Turkish Passport delivered quickly within 3-6 months only

-You can have a solid investment with regular income and at the same time you can obtain one of the most sought citizenships in the World

-No Minimum Residency required in Turkey

-Ownership of one of the Top Passports in the World

-Turkish passport has 10 year validity and is renewable for life

-Visa Free Travel for 116 countries

-UK Turkish Business Person Visa: Turkish Citizens can easily relocate inside the UK as well as EU countries vis a vis Ankara Agreement

-Full Free Medical assistance for life for all family members in Turkish State Hospitals including coronavirus, cancer treatment.

-New Turkey Identity Cards are also included.

-No need to declare your wealth and source of investment for application.

-Turkey allows Dual & Multiple Citizenships.

-No Military Service required for TCBI Applicants

-Official EU Candidate Country, prospective Visa Free travel to EU member countries, all 26 Schengen Zone.

-Free Education and University Reimbursement Plans are provided