Agriculture Investmen Turkey

Agricultural Investment in Turkey is one of the many diversified types of investments that attract many Turkish, foreign investors, who generate good profits for them and who return to Turkey with great economic growth and development. Turkey seeks to be one of the top ten economies in the world, by having a strong economy, independent decision-making, and self-sufficiency in everything.


Agricultural investment

Investors in Turkey  seek to diversify their investments by placing their capital in agricuture ,  and some of them also want to search for small farms for sale.


it is the first type of investment in humanity, and the first thing that man intended, as the land was alone in front of him, so he worked on it and strived to earn a living.


Although agricultural investment requires a long time, the period it needs is less than that needed for real estate investment, which in certain countries requires more than ten years for the investor to obtain his capital, while agricultural investment in most cases requires a few years to collect the head The money then doubles the profit to double the production, especially in trees.


Investing in Turkey farms is one of the distinctive types of investment, so some investors initially search for farms for sale in Istanbul  and Turkey.


Agricultural farms

Istanbul is the economic capital of Turkey, and buying farms in Istanbul is one of the requests that investors want; Which would constantly stimulate the question about farm prices in Turkey, because the wonderful climate, the distinctive nature, and the long period of tourism that Arab visitors in particular make, prompt them to always think about looking for Istanbul farms to reside in , and many of them are looking for small farms for sale in Turkey for investment.

And we have our vision of the diversity of Istanbul farms villas in terms of area, which are spread in the already distinctive areas where farms are frequently rented in Turkey Istanbul, such as: Buyukcekmece, Beylikduzu where the most beautiful farms in Turkey, and the Zekariakoy area near the Black Sea, then we know exactly how feasible this Type of investment.

Agricultural lands

Foreigners have concentrated buying farms in Turkey in many states, especially: Mugla, Istanbul, Trabzon, Çanakkale, Bursa, Antalya.

Where farm prices in Turkey were generally compatible, and those wishing to invest in livestock found cattle farms for sale in Turkey, poultry farms for sale in Turkey, or sheep farms in Turkey as well.

Turkey is a pioneer in agriculture, and God Almighty has created fertile soil, a favorable climate, and sources of water, and it is the first country in the world in the production of figs, hazelnuts, Sultani raisins, dried apricots, and cherries, and it produces more than 70 percent of the global production of pistachios, and the Turkish government has encouraged agriculture A lot, and a set of incentives were given to investors in this field, which encouraged buying farms in Turkey or cattle farms in Turkey for those interested in livestock.

We plan your investment from buying land till selling your product to end user.  So If your are planning to invest agriculture in Turkey; this is the tiime fort his investment. Son in a few years  global femine will ocur and the agriculture investments will  make Money …