Real Estate Investments

Real Estare Appraisers & Location Strategies

We are not brokers seeking to gain from a real estate transaction, just objective location advisor.

We stay firmly focused on our clients’ priorities while developing and executing location strategies that add value and mitigate risk.

Turkey has been the most enthusiastic market to invest in real estate products since 2012 with its many Mega Projects globally advertised and developed by Government. In order to bring additional value to our services, we stay in close contact with the authorities monitoring these projects that are already in progresses. So that we can make careful selections on location advises for your future and investments.

We also have a team of  Certified Appraisers (SPK Lisanslı Değerleme Uzmanları) who adds professional value on our analysis reports. The preparation  services of an appraisal involves field research into appropriate market areas; the assembly and analysis of information pertinent to a property; and the knowledge, experience, and professional judgment of the appraiser.


Real Estate Product Development

We serve tailored real estate investment solutions as bridge linking our investors with real estate markets. The product management team  is responsible for the development of tailored, flexible solutions that meet the requirements of dynamic markets, as well as to the specific investor needs.

Real Estate Exit Strategies

Regardless of the product and the size of the investment, we are always ready to give the answers to our clients exit plan questions:

Our job is to keep our clients updated with the new market trends, advise demand / supply relation and help them prepare for the exit.